Shaun McMahon – Direction

I worked with Rebuild Gippsland on a major project at the Saputo Dairy Australia plant at Maffra in 2019. I was engaged by Saputo as a senior advisor to the project.
The project involved building and enabling works relating to the Specialist Cheese Upgrade. It was a complex project and involved several unique elements.

  • The building was multi-storey
  • The existing freezer had to be demolished to make way for new control and packaging rooms.
  • Access holes had to be cut in walls for pipework and other control equipment.
  • Additional bracing was required to support the structure which required engineering input
  • Some rectification of walls was also required due to gradual deterioration.
  • After removal of the existing freezer, it was discovered that the ground underneath the freezer was frozen solid. This introduced another layer of complexity to the project.
  • As the building was a food production facility, high standards of hygiene needed to be followed during the works.

Rebuild successfully completed these complex works in accordance with the requirements, and I have no hesitation in recommending them to you for your commercial building requirements.

Yours Faithfully,

Shaun McMahon